Friday, October 9, 2009

CA Bound!

I'm leaving work in a about 90 minutes and heading to Seal Beach to start a quick weekend get away with Angelina. We will be in Los Angeles on Saturday, where we will be meeting up with Leslie and Tams, among other friends.

Can't wait!
All of you try to behave while I'm gone. Except Lesli as it is her birthday trip to CA happening also! :)


Lesli said...

i want those pink suitcases! I didn't realize you were in LA the same weekend as me! Of course, I did not get there til Saturday night and I came home last night (Tuesday). Back to the cold for me!

Hope you had a wonderful time!!

Michelle said...

I totally want those pink suitcases as well!

Lesli said...

I especially do because while I was in LA my suitcase broke! That little handle that telescopes so you can drag your bag broke!! I had to CARRY my bag and let me tell you it was heavy. And it was such a cute pink Isaac Mizarahi bag, now to be retired! Oh, well, we had some great trips together.

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