Sunday, February 8, 2009


Music is my world. I always have music on. (Okay, yes partly because I hate being in a quiet room and can't sleep without the radio on.) For every high and low moment in my life, I guarantee you that there is a song that I have attached to it. A few notes of a song can bring a memory crashing back in. It is how I am.

I'm watching the Grammy's tonight and loving these performances. I would put up my Facebook updates but they are just random thoughts of what is going on on the TV and probably will make sense to no one else that isn't in the moment watching it. There have been some amazing performances tonight from some of the best talent in the world. There have been some questionable combinations (Yes, I am talking Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder). And there have been some shocking wins.

Anyone else watching? What was your favorite performance of the night?

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