Friday, December 26, 2008

My word for 2009 -- Adventure!

One of the special people in my life turned me on to this blog last year around this time of the yar -- Christine Kante. The post in particular that she wanted me to read was this one -- Resolution Revolution. What she wrote made sense to me. You can make a lot of resolutions, but if you put everything to a common theme to fall back on then you have a better chance of succeeding.

The word that I am choosing for 2009 is adventure. I have resolutions, of course. I have a complex set of resolutions, quite honestly. I have resolutions that are being done to bring about a very positive and long lasting change to my life, but I think that the key that unlocks all the resolutions will be that word of mine. Adventure. The adventure it will take to bring them all about. I hope you all check out that link and find your own word for the year as well and succeed in making that word work for you.

(And much thanks to mah bebe, Jo, for the link to start with.)

1 comment:

Rowberry Family said...

sounds awesome! I like that ADVENTURE! Sounds very adventurious (sp)

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